Welcome to your DEMO EXAMINATION!


This is a free service provided by GASQ. Please use this demo exam to become comfortable with answering multiple choice exam questions used in exams for ISTQB, IREB, IQBBA, IBUQ, IBITGQ, CMAP, ITCQF and others.


The exam system is a web application which can be used via a normal browser. All exam questions will be answered only in the browser. At the end of the demo exam the result will be automatically displayed.


Technical requirements:

Internet speed

Please ensure to have a downstream of at least 200 kBit/s and an upstream of at least 50 kBit/s.


Operation system

Windows Vista / Windows 7 /Windows 8 /Windows 10

Macintosh OS X 10.4.3


Popup blocker

Please ensure that the domain https://gasq-na-demo.lplus-teststudio.de is allowed by your popup blocker.



Firefox from version 29 onwards

Internet Explorer from version 9 onwards


Display Resolution

At least 1024x768


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